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Spectrophotometer CM-26D

The CM-26d is the next generation of portable spectrophotometer with a horizontal design, suitable for measuring flat color or large colorimetric samples in tight spaces and easy to operate for both left- and right-handed users.

Spectrophotometer CM-26D
Spectrophotometer CM-36dG

Spectrophotometer CM-36dG

The Spectrophotometer CM-36dG, successor to the Spectrophotometer CM-3600A, is a highly accurate and repeatable benchtop color measurement instrument that comes with advanced functions for today’s measurement needs.

The CM-36dG is capable of measuring color in either reflectance or transmittance. It also comes with a 60° gloss sensor (ISO 2813 compliant), enabling the simultaneous measurement of color and gloss that improves work efficiency.

Equipped with the patented Numerical UV Control (NUVC), the CM-36dG offers precise and easy UV adjustments when measuring samples that contain optical brighteners (OBA) such as paper and textiles.

With a tight inter-instrument agreement (IIA) and repeatability of ΔE*ab< 0.12 and σ∆E*ab < 0.02, respectively, the CM-36dG can ensure the measurement and its data are communicated within the supply chain, from suppliers to finished product maker, consistently.

The CM-36dG is design with enhanced useability. It features an easy-to-read status panel, with the measuring button located on it, that displays the measurement status and condition settings to minimize operator error and improve work efficiency. The sample viewing function, utilizing an integrated camera, is also available to ensure accurate and easy positioning of the measurement sample.

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Scorch Tester (Sublimation Fastness Tester) TF415D
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IR Lab Dyeing Machine TD130
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