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Mã SP: CV-180

Shrinkage Rate Tester

SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester determines multiple shrinkage rate test results in 5 seconds for fabrics after washing, steaming, and dry-cleaning.

SmartShrink takes a picture of a fabric sample by using a camera equipped on the top, automatically measuring the distances between the marked dots, and calculates the test results by the patented vision inspection algorithm of ChiuVention. The test results will be shared with the IoT-connected SmarTexLab app installed on the computer and smartphone.

Chia sẻ:

The test results are more accurate and reliable.

By using SmartShrink, the test sample is photographed with a high-definition camera, and the distances between the marked dots are automatically measured, then

shrinkage rate is calculated with a unique algorithm, yielding all test results in real-time accurately.

Save $30,000/year for textile testing labs.

The test results and photos of the fabric shrinkage sample can be saved, and the shrinkage rate can be real-time shared with the factory quality department or buyers since the SmartShrink Shrinkage Machine can be connected through Wi-Fi with SmarTexLab App installed on the smartphone and computer.

Output multiple data at one time, reflecting the quality of fabric more comprehensively and objectively.

Warp and weft shrinkage, seam twist rate, vertical twist rate, and diagonal twist rate can be output at one time,  including credibility rating for the test results. It can evaluate the quality of the fabric more comprehensively.

Famous brands are using SmartShrink.

International brands and authoritative testing institutions such as Anta, Adidas, Texwinca, and ITS have widely used SmartShrink. Can be connected to an ERP or LIMS system. The test results can be directly uploaded to the factory’s   ERP or laboratory LIMS system.

SmartShrink can help you manage shrinkage test data conveniently and efficiently.

The Specification of SmartShrink Fabric Shrinkage Rate Testing Machine

Test mode: automatic test

Sample test size:

200*200mm, 250*250mm, 350*350mm,

450*450mm, 460*460mm, 500*500mm,

10*10in. 15*15in. 18*18in.

The sample test size also can be customized.

A computer is required (optional)

Operating system: Windows 10/11


220/110V  50/60Hz




810*690*1170mm (L*W*H)

Fabric shrinkage control is very important for textile factories, to make sure the the fabric to meet the buyer’s requirements, as well as the overall quality of the fabric. So SmartShrink Shrinkage Value Machine is your wise choice, for more information, such as shirnkage test procedure and ISO shrinkage test method, do not hesitate to contact us!

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